Understand and take part in the Digital Policy-making debate

Portugal Tech League was created to inform and engage people with new tech and innovation legislative proposals that impact startups and the digital economy as a whole in Portugal and Europe.



It’s your turn to play in this league, and to actively participate in the decision making.

We’ll explore new regulation proposals impacting the growth of European-based startups and their contribution to the economy and society.

This is the place for you to better understand and share proposals on new digital legislations.

But first, we’d like to debunk some assumptions on policy-making:

Being aware about policy-making shouldn’t be that boring.

We know. You hear the words “policy” and “legislation” and your attention span is immediately reduced. We’ll try our best to change your mind and make you this league’s MVP – Most Valuable Player.

Having an (iterating) opinion about digital legislation shouldn’t be that hard and time-consuming.

We’ll do the difficult job. The PTL will be collecting diversity, perspective and trustable information about upcoming topics, so that you can reflect about them and form your opinion.

Sharing your proposals on legislation that impacts your (business) life should be easier.
And making them reach the right people, too.

We’ll gather suggestions, open a discussion, and share outcomes with the right policy-makers.



Because download binomo Portugal should have a wider, broader ecosystem association.
It should be connected with the digital economy as a whole while placing the startups’ perspective – the by-default economic change catalysts – at its forefront.

Because there are not enough combined efforts to inform.
As well as to give context and collectively propose improvements on behalf of startups and the tech community, from Portugal to the European digital economy legislation.

By handing out informative, awareness-raising content, we’re also spreading our own opinion – but the main goal is that you create yours. It is also important to gather the community’s progress in ongoing legislation proposals and share them with the right people through a very objective approach.

The output of policy-making proposals will be created right here:



Around every two months, a new tech legislation ongoing proposal will be in the spotlight for us to explore. We’ll analyze www.binomo.com.pt/download/ its impact on European startups and innovation.

Then it’s on you to come out and play.



Go over the blogposts and podcasts library whenever you need them. It is important to stay up to date. Again, share them with the community.



This is where your voice is heard. You can add your recommendations in an open document we’ve prepared to collect suggestions.



Sharing is caring. Let disseminate Portugal Tech League proposals to policy-makers.

Current topic

Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework

In this position letter, the Portugal Tech League shares http://binomo.com.pt/download/ its views on the importance of a new trans-Atlantic data privacy framework.


Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework

Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision.
Read More
EU Startup Nations Standard

EU Startup Nations Standard

All companies rely on digital services for targeting wider audiences. Check what is at stake in the DSA, and how your ambitions to grow digital may be impacted.
Read More
The Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act

All companies rely on digital services for targeting wider audiences. Check what is at stake in the DSA, and how your ambitions to grow digital may be impacted.
Read More
The Artificial Intelligence Act

The Artificial Intelligence Act

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision.
Read More

What is next



Digital Sovereignty & International Data Flows

March/April 2022

It takes engagement to create a community.

You can suggest a topic, receive PTL’s updates or just contact us if you need anything:

Allied for Startups
Amazon Web Services
European Startup Network
Faculdade de Direito Católica
Investors Portugal
Startup Portugal
Startup Sesame
Allied for Startups is proud to accompany the Portugal Tech League to become the key body for Portugal to keep up the good work and make the next step from startup to scale-up nation.
Benedikt Blomeyer

Director EU Policy, Allied for Startups

We’re glad to bring our 10+ years within the innovation ecosystem to collaborate. We’re so excited with the combination of different stakeholders’ perspectives on behalf of the digital economy and startups’ interests.

Pedro Rocha Vieira

Co-Founder and CEO, Beta-i

We are committed to companies’ competitiveness, skilling initiatives and to develop policy recommendations that better suits Portuguese digital economy and the challenges it entails. PTL is an enabler for further collaboration and common ground positions recognizing the relevance of SMEs and startups.
António Saraiva

President, CIP

We understand how the different actors position themselves in the European political and legislative initiatives. That’s why we find it so useful that this group of important players have come together: it can make a difference.

Henrique Burnay

Senior Partner, Eupportunity

We believe this initiative is welcome as it will contribute to the important convergence of perspectives from different stakeholders in the Portuguese and European startup scene.

Jan Bormans

CEO, European Startup Network

Joining the Portugal Tech League as a founding partner was a natural step and we hope our academic community will be able to help advocate for sound and informed digital policy-making in Portugal.
Tito Rendas and Nuno Sousa e Silva

lecturers, FDUCP

As we enter a fourth industrial revolution, sustainability becomes even more critical. After launching our Digital With Purpose Movement, it’s a pleasure to support a greener approach within the digital community.

Luis Neves


Digital policies are at the core of early-stage investment, and influences decisions across all the investment cycle stages. PTL can be a central tool for us to contribute and to disseminate know-how for better-informed investors.
Francisco Ferreira Pinto

Commissioner, Investors Portugal

We believe that the Portuguese Tech League will be a cornerstone to help guarantee that startup voices are heard in these debates as well as ensure startups develop responsible technology.

Helena Martins

Public Policy Manager, Google

After following the tech ecosystem for more than two decades, we hope the Portugal Tech League can embody the ideas and positions of the Portuguese innovative ecosystem and provide a platform for a deeper collaboration.

Fátima Caçador

editor in chief, Sapo Tek / founder, Casa dos Bits

Policy for startups is still in its infancy, and initiatives like the Portugal Tech League give it the required spotlight. At Startup Portugal, we strongly support and are eager to engage with the broad group of stakeholders of the PTL.
Simon Schaefer

President, Startup Portugal

We’re huge believers in bottom-up ecosystem building and are very much looking forward to contributing to this Portugal Tech League initiative!

Suzanne Newman

CMO, Startup Sesame

The speed at which innovation takes place challenges companies, regulators, and policymakers alike, requiring an open and comprehensive discussion. We want to contribute with our knowledge and experience on this.

Magda Cocco

Partner, VdA

Startup-friendly communities like the Portugal Tech League are key to support digital transformation in Portugal and Europe. Microsoft is committed to take part and help startups to meet and exceed their digital ambitions.

Pedro Duarte

Corporate, External & Legal Affairs Director, Microsoft

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