Yes, one more manifesto. But we’ll keep it short:

Legislation is not about… legislation. It’s about people. And about business.
In the end, it’s about people who do business, and about business made by people.

These are big topics, therefore systemic ones. Interconnected and interdependent.
Bringing impact to our daily life, to society, to business. To the digital economy.

And we all know how startups play a special role in this digital (eco)system.
Because they push for change. Because they grow through adaptation.
Meanwhile, legislation changes, too. New legislation arrives.
And we’re all affected by them. So we need to keep track.

That’s when the Portugal Tech League comes up. Because we want to contribute to better systemic changes in the legislative field. Startups are a key change player to Europe’s future, to recovery, to broadened growth; but they tend to be underestimated, understated when new laws are designed.

So, give it a chance. Portugal Tech League offers different ways of getting involved.
Because we need dialogue, inclusion and bottom-up ecosystem building, more than ever.And because we’re doing the Green and Digital Transition in Europe.
How can we do that without the transformative power of startups?

From Portugal to Europe,

  • We want to make European Tech & Innovation regulatory proposals easier to understand.
  • We want to support the startup, digital community to reflect on these proposals through different perspectives, so they can create their own. We want to gather information about new legislation for you to make your own opinion.
  • We want to collect community inputs on these proposals, make sense out of them, and share these improvements with the right policy-makers, both at a Portuguese and EU level. On behalf of the digital economy as a whole, meaning: always ensuring a place for startups.

Simple as that: come and play in the Portugal Tech League.

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